How can I help you be happy?

My greatest wish is to find a way to help others through art, fostering creativity, learning to feel beautiful, or just talking over a cup of coffee.

I’ve been immersed all my life in a family of artists including N.C. Wyeth & Howard Pyle. I was particularly influenced by my great-grandmother Ellen Pyle’s sensitive treatment of figures on the covers she painted for the Saturday Evening Post.  I find joy in putting color on paper. I love to make people happy with art and creativity.

Besides art, another one of my passions is healthy living. I closely follow nutrition science, eat a plant-based diet, and do my best to stay in a consistent habit of moving my body, which could include walking the dog, farm chores, weightlifting or running. I have an eating program called Plant-Based Quick Fix that focuses on ultra-simple, whole food recipes to help busy people transition to a more health-promoting diet. I also publish a free monthly newsletter with tips and recipes. It’s a short read with a few links and pictures. Sign up coming in Fall 2016.

I also am mother, wife, boat-builder, crafter, student of the Dharma, SLP,

and serial blogger with degree in bugs. You can stay in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, Pinterest or email me at carojo95 (gmail).