These paintings are unified by size, substrate and medium, but the subjects and styles vary widely, allowing me to express whatever hell I want. All paintings are 12x12 inches, oil paint on Ampersand cradled board, and all (that have not already sold) are for sale.

This is just where I put marks on bigger pieces of stuff. Lots of marks; some color, some black. Of course, black is a color, but let's not start an argument here.

Almost all of these tiny works of art are the size of trading cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches). I love the intricacy of working in this small size and the resulting art is an affordable original by a nearly-famous artist. Many of these are for sale, but please note that some are sold unframed.

It's hard to say how my galleries of illustration and traditional art are different. Illustration is more light-hearted, except where it's dark, like how much it hurts when things sting you.

An attempt to distill the dharma into comic.

Other than donating pieces to auctions for various charities, this is my do-good-with-art project. Please read the description and buy something. Thank you.

Little sketches of this and that from sundry notebooks.