Google Opinion Rewards for Android


Since I refuse to be a niche*  blogger, today I am posting about an app that earns Google play store money. And by doing that, it allows me to buy useless (as well as highly functional) apps with virtually no agonizing.

The app is Google Opinion Rewards and, as you can see from the last screenshot, I’ve earned $15 or so since starting earlier this fall.

Screenshot_2016-01-18-15-24-41 (1)     Screenshot_2016-01-18-15-24-47       Screenshot_2016-01-18-09-41-00


PROS: None of the little surveys take more than 1 minute or so, the money seems to add up quickly, you can use it to buy books, music, apps, in-app purchases or movies in the Google Store.

CONS: It is for Android users only. You must use the earnings within one year, some surveys earn only 10 cents, and, rarely, some earn you nothing.

* for the love of god, please pronounce it “nitch” not “neesh”.

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