How to make a WimMala for Counting Breaths


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This is how I count my breaths whenpracticing the Wim Hof Method. There are 3 sets of 30 snow (of course!) quartz beads. One breath for each bead. Each time I reach the hexagon bead, time for retention. Then getting to the Tree and Love charms means I’m all done!

To assemble, just string 30 snow quartz beads, each separated by a seed bead, then add a silver hexagon. Repeat until you have 90 snow beads. Add the Love and Tree charms , if you want (you might need a jump ring here) and tie off the elastic string. Secure with a drop of E6000 or super glue. Here are links to the materials I used.

90 Snow Quartz Beads (Amazon)

E6000 Glue

Stretchy Powercord

Seed Beads for Spacers (these are the exact size of the string so you might have some that don’t fit but most will)

Tree Charms (ebay)

Hexagon Spacers (ebay)

Love Charms (ebay)


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