My Personal March for Science

I was going to travel to DC and March for Science. I even knitted a hat. But for several reasons, notably a need to stay home plus some anxiety, it just didn’t happen.

Nonetheless, I defend and revere science on a daily basis. And here are the reasons, which include both personal and global:

1.  I have a a love for science which was nurtured while getting a degree in a science field (entomology-plant pathology, minor in biology, graduate work in genetics).

2. Science saved my life (Thank you Dr. Slamon). 

3. I love the internet, my cell phone, and color changing mugs.

4. It enables me to understand and make sense of any domain I wish to tackle: physics, paleontology,  geology, the stars, the weather.

5. Most scientists are committed to improving the human condition, for example, by eradicating smallpox via vaccines.

6. Science is endlessly fascinating; favorite processes of mine are DNA replication and protein synthesis.

7. From Pythagoras to Newton to Marie Curie to good old Bill Nye, there is nothing so contagious and engaging as human ingenuity and curiosity.

8. Finally, because science is a rigorous, sometimes thankless, grinding effort that can – and often does – produce actual, verifiable facts. For example, that the earth revolves around the sun, that bacteria and viruses can cause infection, and that climate change is  occurring. These are facts., and I’m stickin’ to ’em.




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